The Founders

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Drawing its name from the ornamental, delicate and eternally graceful flower ‘Orchid’- the Orchid jewelry line like the coveted flower represents Grace, Womanhood ,Purity, Confidence and Refinement – The multifaceted characteristics of the Jewelry brand all curated into one!

Symbolic with its name, Orchid Jewelry line epitomizes a superlative collection of delicate, handcrafted in 18 k gold intricately designed jewelry. The Designs are contemporary and modern yet culturally rich with a heritage, dynamic &anddetailed, elegant and vibrant, statement-oriented pieces.


The two sisters behind Orchid Jewelry brand united by a dream and accomplished by their success stories- Aya & Amina, are a classic definition of ‘Paired for Perfection’.

Born of Lebanese origin but global citizens living across continents- the two sisters have amalgamated their deep cultural roots with the modern-day experiences, thereby shaping a Jewelry brand that crosses barriers of time and place. A perfect blend of the East and West, the Old and New.

Aya began her journey when she moved to Tanzania and like the seeds of the “Orchids”, she began to germinate the idea of having her own Jewelry Line. Having nurtured her dream and inspired by a gemologist friend, Aya soon sowed the seeds and found her brand ‘Orchid Jewelry’ in full bloom.

Aya is the creative brain behind the jewelry line. Her exquisite eye for detail paralleled with excellence and passion, she customizes each and every piece that tells a story.

Amina, soon joined her sister as the Marketing Head-applying her Economics background to the brand. Her business acumen soon paved the way in making it a renowned jewelry line in the Middle – East. She has now taken the brand miles ahead to England, where the line is blossoming into an iconic brand.

Working in tandem for a niche clientele, their passion for precision, their expertise from different lifestyles and  backgrounds applied into the development and evolution of their brand, Aya & Amina envisioned to cross horizons and have in no time enhanced the Orchid Jewelry line taking it to newer heights.

Just like the two sisters, their creation ‘ Orchid Jewelry’ line personifies Love, Luxury, Elegance and Perfection- Celebrating the Beauty and Femininity in every empowered woman!

Brand Availability

Orchid Jewelry is an Internationally registered trademark, handcrafted in 18k gold with diamonds and natural stones. The brand is a registered property of Orchid Jewelry London Ltd with a trading and Design office in the UK while manufacturing takes place between Lebanon and Turkey.

Currently selling in Lebanon, UK, USA, UAE, KSA, Bahrain Kingdom, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal and Gabon. The jewelry is also available through online platforms as well as retailing at points of sale in the designated markets with a cutting edge in accessibility & affordability, pricing and unique designs.

  • In February 2015 completion of a jewelry design course with International Gemological Institute in Dubai.
  • In September 2015 attributed the title of ‘Accredited Jewelry Professional ‘from The Gemological Institute of America.
  • In February 2016 finishing a course in retail sales management of jewelry from IGI in Dubai.
  • In March 2015 attending the world recognized Jewelry and Gems fair of BASEL in Switzerland and benefiting from all its marginal conferences and panels . 
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