Our Story

The Orchid Story

Drawing its inspiration from the ornate, delicate, and eternally graceful orchid flower, the Orchid jewelry line embodies the qualities of grace, womanhood, purity, confidence, and refinement. These multifaceted characteristics converge within the brand, culminating in a jewelry collection that is nothing short of exceptional.

In perfect alignment with its name, the Orchid Jewelry line showcases an exceptional collection of meticulously handcrafted jewelry in 18k gold. These intricately designed pieces blend contemporary and modern aesthetics with cultural richness, exuding a heritage that is dynamic, detailed, elegant, and vibrant. Each creation serves as a statement piece, effortlessly capturing attention.

A Tale of Two Sisters

The Orchid Jewelry brand is the brainchild of two sisters, Aya and Amina, whose dreams have been realized through their remarkable success stories. They epitomize the concept of being "Paired for Perfection." Hailing from Lebanese roots but residing across different continents, these sisters have merged their profound cultural heritage with modern-day experiences, giving birth to a jewelry brand that transcends temporal and geographical boundaries. It is a harmonious blend of the East and West, the traditional and the contemporary.

Aya embarked on her journey when she relocated to Tanzania. Much like the germination of orchid seeds, the idea of creating her own jewelry line began to take root. Nurturing her dreams and inspired by a gemologist friend, Aya sowed the seeds of 'Orchid Jewelry,' which has now blossomed into full bloom. Aya, the creative force behind the brand, possesses an exquisite eye for detail. Her commitment to excellence and passion is reflected in each piece, each of which tells a unique story.

Amina soon joined her sister as the Marketing Head, leveraging her background in economics to propel the brand forward. Her business acumen played a pivotal role in establishing Orchid Jewelry as a renowned brand in the Middle East. Under her leadership, the brand has expanded to England, where it is becoming an iconic name. Working in harmony to cater to a niche clientele, their shared passion for precision, combined with their diverse lifestyles and backgrounds, has contributed to the development and growth of their brand. Aya and Amina's vision is to transcend boundaries and elevate Orchid Jewelry to new heights.

Just as the two sisters are united in their endeavors, the 'Orchid Jewelry' line personifies love, luxury, elegance, and perfection. It celebrates the beauty and femininity of every empowered woman.

Brand Availability

Orchid Jewelry, meticulously crafted in 18k gold adorned with diamonds and natural stones, proudly holds international trademark registration. Orchid Jewelry London Ltd, based in the UK, oversees the brand, handling both trading and design operations. Manufacturing takes place in Lebanon and Turkey.

Currently, Orchid Jewelry is available for purchase in Lebanon, the UK, USA, UAE, KSA, Bahrain Kingdom, Tanzania, Cameroon, Ivory Coast, Senegal, and Gabon. The brand is accessible online and through diverse retail outlets in these markets, providing a unique edge in design and exceptional craftsmanship.

Mission & Vision

Devotedly dedicated to the creation of pieces that embody the essence of elegance, grace, love, unity, and individuality, the two siblings are resolute in their commitment to empowering women. They tirelessly advocate for women's rights, dismantle societal barriers, and strive for a world where every woman can thrive, unburdened by prejudice or limitations.

The two sisters are firmly committed to establishing a brand that seamlessly harmonizes diverse cultures through innovative designs.
Today, through their unwavering dedication and hard work, the two sisters proudly stand as exemplars of success, triumphing over the myriad obstacles that once blocked their path.