The Tale of Orchid Jewelry 

In this video Aya and Amina narrates the tale of Orchid Jewelry recounting their journey from Beirut to London, exploring the inception and evolution of their brand. 

صباح الخير يا عرب

Sabah al kheir: leading Arab network's Mbc morning show airing from Dubai in a special episode highlighting women's entrepreneurship on woman's day

Min Beirut

ART channel program airing from Beirut to Australia and America featuring the latest talents in the Middle East .


MOJEH magazine is the go-to fashion resource for luxury and beauty for middle eastern women.

Al Nahar

The distinguished Al Nahar Lebanese newspaper conducted an interview featuring Aya and Amina , the founders of Orchid Jewlery , delving into their pursuit of transforming their dreams into realization of an international jewelry brand .