The Brand

The orchid jewelry brand is a registered trade mark property of the company Orchid by A sisters SARL  , for unique designs made with 18k Gold, Natural stones and Diamonds.

The brand is based on an online trading concept that is intended to give clients a competitive edge in accessibility and affordability in pricing and distribution worldwide.

The Orchid Jewelry Brand also participates in jewelry events and exhibitions in different markets in the Middle East and Africa such as  , Lebanon, Dubai, Senegal,  Angola , Tanzania..

Design Concept

The design concept upon which the brand was established revolves around a dynamic and exotic taste which is however diverse, can still suit all preferences even the classics of them.

The constant research for what is trending governs the direction of how the collections are prepared. The fashion and latest styles followed enable the customers to be stylish and up to date while owning valuable pieces of jewelry simultaneously.

Currently, the brand has released four collections under which each collection several designs are regularly unveiled.

The Collections

Ansellia Fancy

Being located in the heart of Africa gives the privilege to the access the world’s most precious and authentic stones such as emeralds, sapphires, rubies and tanzanite’s.

Tanzania is the only source of the exotic Gemstone TANZANITE that is thousand times rarer than Diamonds . The tanzanite used in our jewelry are the finest among the ones mined in Tanzania. The collection varies from costume made pieces to uniquely designed jewelry.

 Moreover as still one of the most expensive and most desired stone in history, diamonds never fail to amaze their beholders . This collection caters for clientele that want to sparkle with value, the quality of the diamonds used in all our pieces are F and G color with VVS to VS clarity .The line ranges from big high end diamond sets to simple everyday diamond jewelry.

Energy Muse

This collection beholds the essence of the brand more than any other , it is distinguished by stones , shells and other trending icons all of natural origins  matched with 18 k gold to create unique and dynamic pieces of jewelry .The identity is vibrant in this line , catering towards a clientele base that is daring and lively.

Aqua Eyes

Culturally , in the middle east ,the eye symbol has always been an embodiment of anti-evil and good energy vibes . From the core spirit of the orchid designs, came the aqua eye collection .To start with the eye itself is handmade from a shell base and afterwards painted hard porcelain. These unique eyes are then paired with 18 k gold and natural stones to create timeless jewelry pieces.

Fly In Significance

Based on customized concept of family relevance, where we can outline your family combination in a gold and precious stones on a memorable piece to wear with love.